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The Port of NIIGATA:Port Profile

Outline of the Port

The Port of Niigata is a historic international trading port which opened in 1868 as one of the first five ports in Japan : Hakodate , Niigata , Kanagawa, Hyogo, and Nagasaki .

The Biggest Port on the Coast of the Sea of Japan

The Port of Niigata was appointed as the first specifically-designated port on the Sea of Japan in 1967. It was also specified as the only core international port on the Sea of Japan in 1996. These facts indicate that the Port of Niigata is still developing as the most important port on the Sea of Japan .

Extensive Sea Route Network, Increasing Freight Volume

The Port of Niigata has substantial regular container routes for foreign trade such as the Busan Route , the China Route and the Southeast Asian Route .
Recently these routes have been improved and developed even more, leading to expansion towards China .
Due to the strong backing by a number of shipping companies as well as its substantial routes, the Port of Niigata handles more and more freight every year.

The Port of Niigata consists of the West Port District, which lies at the mouth of the Shinano River , and the East Port District, which opened in 1969.

The East Port District - The Forefront of International Physical Distribution

The East Port District is used by many companies as a base for foreign trade, energy supply, and international distribution.

East Port District

International Ocean Container Terminal

The West Port District - Redevelopment and Transformation into a Hub of International Exchange

Ferries and passenger ships, both domestic and international, sail in and out of this district.
Since the opening of the international convention center “Toki Messe” in May 2003, the West Port District has been developing as a base for Niigata Prefecture ’s international exchange, where people, goods, and information come and go.

West Port District

Toki Messe