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Greeting from the Governor

Governor Ryuichi Yoneyama

Greeting from the Governor (October 25, 2016)

My name is Ryuichi Yoneyama, and I am the governor of Niigata Prefecture.

I assumed the position of governor on October 25 with the goal of protecting the health and the way of life of the people of Niigata Prefecture.

With the safety and peace of the people as my primary objective, I will exert my utmost to listen to the people and fulfill our responsibility to protect life through parental support and countermeasures to the declining birthrate, medicine, and nursing care. I will also exert my utmost to fulfill my responsibility to keep the prefecture safe through disaster measures that include countermeasures for nuclear disasters.

The government of Niigata Prefecture will work as one to invigorate industry, enrich education, and promote other policies to fulfill our responsibility to Niigata Prefecture in both the present and the future.

I will devote myself to helping our people lead happier lives and to making Niigata Prefecture ever better.