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Welcome to the Governor's Office


This is Hideyo Hanazumi, Governor of Niigata Prefecture.
I was inaugurated as Niigata's governor in June,2018.

My primary goal is to secure the safety and peace of mind of Niigata
Prefecture's citizens, while simultaneously creating a Niigata with vitality.

I am proud of all of our residents living in Niigata, and aim
to make the Prefecture a place that will appeal to many
more people both domestically and internationally.

Outline of Niigata

Welcome to Niigata Prefecture’s official website!

Niigata is blessed by countless natural wonders; a long and diverse coastline, national parks fashioned by mountains and rivers, expansive fertile plains, and an island alive with culture and history called Sado.

As winter gives way to spring, the last of the melting snow watches as a green blanket of buds bursts through. Summer reveals the deep-blue colors of the Japan Sea. Shining golden stalks of rice abound as the mountains unveil the burning colors of autumn. Then finally, as the winter carpets the fields with glistening white snow, the dynamic cycle of seasons becomes complete.

Niigata is a treasury of traditional industries that supply us with products essential to our daily lives such as the renowned Niigata Koshihikari rice, flavorful sake, rice confections, metal tableware, houseware, metal hardware, exquisite woodwork such as Paulownia chests, and luxurious woven and silken textiles. Recent years have challenged us with economic globalization and evolving lifestyles. To meet these challenges, we are uniting corporate and academic minds to work for the development and promotion of new industries.

A new era of global interaction on the Japan Sea has just begun, and Niigata is poised to blossom as the center for these activities. To meet the 21st century's demands, Niigata is working hard to develop its primary international ports in Niigata City and Naoetsu, and also to extend Niigata International Airport's runway to 3,000 meters.

We have put this site together as a way to make all sorts of interesting information about Niigata available to as many people as possible. We hope that you will take this opportunity to explore the many faces of our prefecture and rediscover the charms that make Niigata such an exciting place to be.