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Welcome to Niigata

Results and analysis of radiation monitoring tests

During the 114th Niigata Prefecture Nuclear Power Plant Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Techniques Conference, as with the 112th and 113th conferences, academic experts in various fields gave the following evaluation regarding the effects of radiation on Niigata Prefecture in the time since the accident occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant (as of May 25, 2011).
The overall evaluation is the same as those made at the previous conferences.
● At this time, the levels of radiation in Niigata Prefecture will not affect people’s health.
● Conditions of radioactive emissions at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant are still not stabilized,
so long-term monitoring of levels of radioactive cesium, which has a long half-life, will be necessary.
● For long-term monitoring, in order to determine the ratios of cesium 134 and 137 radiation, it is
necessary to analyze and organize the data obtained up to this point and give consideration to future
monitoring and testing policies.
● This type of radioactive contamination has not been experienced since the 1986 Chernobyl
accident occurred, and it is necessary to monitor things with concentrated radiation such as sewer
sludge and water purification plant sludge.

Niigata Prefecture Nuclear Power Plant Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Techniques Conference
112th Conference (June 7, 2011)
113th Conference (July 13, 2011)
114th Conference (September 13, 2011)

Information regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake

There was no major damage in Niigata Prefecture from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Additionally, the atmosphere, agricultural produce, and water throughout Niigata Prefecture are being monitored for radiation. The measurements taken by the monitoring system are available below, so please take the opportunity to read them

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